General Questions


Q. What is the Brand Centre?

A. The Brand Centre is a central site containing the tools and resources Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) Members can use to create brochures, ads, posters, flyers and other materials that are consistent with GGC Brand Standards. The Brand Centre is maintained by a trusted, single-source printer who will process your order in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Q. Why has the Brand Centre been created?

A. GGC wants to ensure a consistent, high quality, powerful and effective brand across the country. We want resources being used in every region to have the same look, message and feel. Most importantly, we wanted to save you time and money by not having to create materials from scratch, and to ensure that all GGC materials are instantly recognizable and reflect the Guiding image.


Q. Who can use the Brand Centre?

A. The Brand Centre can be used by any active Member of GGC with a valid iMIS number. Members are able to access the Assets Library to download logos, branded photos, clip art, and advertising templates to use when creating GGC materials. Certain individuals in each provincial office have enhanced access to the Brand Centre that allows them to purchase materials in bulk directly from the site. Should you wish to receive a large quantity of material such as brochures or posters, please contact your provincial office.


Q. What is available on the Brand Centre?

A. A library of resources has been created for you to adapt, customize and use. Resources include:
  • Recruitment Materials: print, online and broadcast advertisements; posters, flyers, brochures
  • Stationery Items: letterhead, business cards, notecards and envelopes
  • Promotional Materials: bookmarks, tattoos, magnets, tradeshow items
  • Assets: branded photos, clip art, logos, graphic elements.


Q. Is there a cost for using the Brand Centre?

A. Items available on the Assets Library are available for download by GGC Members for free. The items located in the Promotional Materials, Recruitment Materials sections are available at pre-determined prices based on quantities ordered.


Q. I would like to have some of the items resized for other purposes. How do we go about this?

A. We will be happy to customize and resize some items, such as advertisements, to suit your particular needs. Please send an email to brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca, citing the product number you are inquiring about, and telling us the specific size requirements.


Q. I’ve sent a question to brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca. How long will it take for someone to respond?

A. We will attempt to respond to all enquires within two business days. Please note our business hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST.


Using the Brand Centre


Q. How do I access this site?

A. Visit www.brandcentre.girlguides.ca. You must login to the site using your first name, last name and iMIS number. Then, simply follow the instructions on the site. GGC Members can tour the entire site, but are only able to download items from the Assets Library. Only those with enhanced access will see pricing, ordering and delivery information.


Q. How do I order/pay for items on the Brand Centre?

A. The items located within the Assets Library are free for any Member to download. Only certain individuals within each Provincial Council have the ability to order items for purchase. Payments are accepted by qualified users via MasterCard or Visa. If there are items that you would like to purchase, please contact your provincial office.


Q. I can’t find what I am looking for, what do I do?

A. Use the search function at the top right of the home page of the brand centre to help locate an item. If you are still unable to locate what you are looking for, send an email to brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca. We will continue to add items to the Brand Centre, so please let us know if something is missing.


Q. Why can’t I see ordering information for all products?

A. Only certain registered users from each provincial council are able to purchase items from the Brand Centre. If there are items you need, please inform your provincial office. All other Members of GGC are able to download items from the Assets Library.


Q. How long will it take for my orders to be delivered?

A. Orders are shipped via courier, using the lowest priced options available. Delivery times and rates are based on quantity and distance required for delivery. GGC does not allow orders to be expedited. If you have a special request where expedited shipping is required, please provide a summary of your order as well as the required date to brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca. Items will not be backordered. Shipments are sent when the entire order is ready to be sent.


Q. Is the site secure?

A. Yes, the web site secures all private information using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. All information is encrypted using SSL before transmission.


Q. Can I exit before fully completing my order and continue at a later time?

A. You must complete your order before exiting the Brand Centre. If you exit before completing your order, the Brand Centre will not save your order to be completed at another time.


Q. Is support available for people who don’t have internet access?

A. Yes, support is available. Visit the Contact Us page for details.


Q. I’ve ordered a banner for use at a tradeshow. How do I return it to the Brand Centre for someone else to use?

A. When you reserve one of our banners for use at a tradeshow, you will identify how long you will require its use. One week prior to the return date, you will receive an email indicating that the banner is due back to Distributech. Each banner will be shipped to you including a way-bill for use when returning the merchandise.


Deliveries, Returns, Cancellations and Damaged Goods.


Q. How do I cancel and order?

A. If you need to cancel an order after it has been placed, but before it has been processed or shipped, please send an email to brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca indicating your order number and your contact information. We will do our best to accommodate your cancellation as quickly as possible. Please Note: Orders that have been customized and those already processed and shipped cannot be cancelled or returned.


Q. Can I return my order?

A. Girl Guides does not allow returns for items ordered from the Brand Centre.


Q. What do I do if I received an incorrect or damaged order?

A. Please contact brandcentresupport@girlguides.ca immediately. Provide details including your order number, date of delivery and describe any damages, or errors.